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que hacer para conocer gente Kingdom Reality Ministries Sunday Service Sermon – 10th Feb 19

dating a girl who doesnt do anything Preacher: Senior Pastor Andrew Young

site web Reading – Gen 1: 26-28, John 1:12, Deut 28:13

quiero conocer mujeres de centroamerica SERMON ANALOGY
Microsoft today is one of the Largest PC software company in the world. Bill Gates, the founder came up with an idea of Windows, he sold one to a PC company and realized they liked it. He then went ahead and REPRODUCED and MULTIPLIED more windows softwares and begin DISTRIBUTING it across the world and today, Bill Gates CONTROL what’s happening in the technology worldwide.

rencontre 68 colmar Two things happen in us;
1. INSTANT – When you hear the WORD of God accept and be born again, you become LIKE Him. That an Instant thing.
2. PROCESS – Other things in our lives take steps and actions in order to be achieved.
For instance to win a race you need to train extra.

visit our website a) We are created in the IMAGE of God and His LIKENESS – The moment we become born again, we become LIKE God.
b) To have DOMINION – To dominate is to rule, to control, to govern, to have power. God created us to rule over EVERYTHING.

rencontre femme africaine en france gratuit – Salvation ALONE can not take you far, you must understand DOMINATION and enter into that dimension. – If you’re not dominating then you still have a long way to go, and you must enter into the DIMENSION of domination.
– Our place is to take CONTROL and dominate. The Bible says, you are not the tale but the HEAD.

site rencontre pour intellectuels WHAT HAPPENS WITHOUT DOMINATION. 1. Without DOMINATION, no one might even know whether you are BORN AGAIN.
2. When you don’t have domination, you can become a SLAVE on things you are supposed to RULE.
3. If you don’t dominate, you can become a VICTIM instead of a VICTOR in places you are supposed to win in.

1. BE FRUITFUL – You must know you grow from a SEED to domination. God has placed a thing in EVERYBODY to dominate make it productive.
2. MULTIPLY – The will of God is that you can REPRODUCE yourself. You must multiply your package and increase so as to dominate.
3. FILL THE EARTH/REPLENISH – Once you multiple your package then begin to distribute it across the world.
– How many people know the gift you carry?
4. CONTROL THE MARKET – When you discover what God has deposited in you, multiply and distribute it across the world, then you will have a say in what happens to the market.

– Remember, you are born to DOMINATE you should just not be contented with being born again, begin to DOMINATE in Jesus name.


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Kingdom Reality Ministries Sunday Service Sermon – 17th Feb 19

Preacher: Senior Pastor Andrew Young

Readings – 2Peter 1: 8, Philipians 4:8

Nelson Mandela was on eof the greatest leaders ever lived in the world. Even though he never confessed with his mouth that he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior, his actions and CHARACTERS were Spiritual. He was so tenacious and committed to his mission. He sacrificed 27 years of his life in prison. He faced critics from his own country and from international leaders.  Mandela was driven to accomplish his mission and never stopped moving towards the ultimate goal of liberating his country.

The biggest takeaway from Mandela’s amazing life and accomplishments, is that you do not need to liberate a country, become president, or win a Nobel Peace prize to adopt some of the CHARACTER traits he had.

– When you get born again, you get connected to the Divine nature. You are no longer an ordinary man. You become extra ordinary.
– You are then delivered from the last of the flesh.

– God Wants us to walk a Glorious and Virtuous life to the Glory and Honor of His name.
1. Glorious life – You carry power and dominion.
2. Virtuous life – You must posses a CHARACTER that goes with an annointed person.
-CHARACTER is configured in the mind. It is a fountain of domination.
It actually takes CHARACTER to continue walking in God ways.
– People who DOMINATE are full of CHARACTER.
– You are a product of your thoughts. The bible says, ‘As a man thinketh, so is he’.
– God wants us to think Just things. Because He is a God of Justice.
– To think things that are pure, lovely and of good report for His Glory.

Way of conducting yourself – 2 Peter 1

a) Hard work – Conduct for domination has hard work as a sure way to success.
b) Faith – Hard work mixed with Faith works wonders.
c) Increase in Knowledge – Be a reader. You need to do more research and expand the knowledge about your field.
d) Self control – You need to develop the ability to manage your emotions, feelings and actions.
e) Patience – You need to wait for your miracle. Some may take time and so may need to wait a little longer. For you to have dominion, you must posses Patience.
f) Brotherly love or affection – You need to have understanding and a caring heart towards people.

What Happens those who do not have Character;

1. They don’t have breakthroughs.
2. They are Failures
3. They are Blind
4. They are Short sighted.
5. They become Forgetful

– People who have DOMINION are people with CHARACTER and People who live a GLORIOUS life.
– Those who do not have Character in their lives, today may God place it back in you for His Glory and Honor in Jesus name.


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