Walking in The Prophetic – (Continuing series)

Kingdom Reality Ministries Sermon – 15th Sept 19

In summary

Scripture: Jer 1:13 ISV This message from the LORD came to me a second time: “What do you see?” I replied, “I see a boiling pot, and its mouth is tilted away from the north.”

Prophecy is God conveying message to us or through to others. There is
• Personal prophecy and
• Prophecy for others

The different levels of prophecy
• Biblical prophecy – bible directly speaks to our situations as is.
• Spirit of prophecy – where there is bubbling on the prophet that then catches the ones in that same atmosphere
• Gift of prophecy – ennoblement by the Spirit to prophecy to minister to the body of Christ
• Office of the prophet – appointment by the Lord to speak over destiny of nations.

When a prophecy is obtained three things must happen
• Description of the prophecy must be given/declared as moved by the Spirit
• Interpretation of the prophecy must be given to make plain the meaning and implication of the prophecy
• Application of the prophecy must be done to direct our spiritual direction as a result of the prophecy

To walk in the prophetic one must have faith and pray for discernment that happens in one of the following ways
• Impressions in the mind – Also referred to as “word of knowledge” (I cor 12:8), describe a sudden sense of knowing something about a person that you could not have obtained through natural ways.
• Illuminated scripture: Refers to the Holy Spirit bringing Scriptures to our minds (John 14:26). The written Word of God is to be the foundation and plumb line for all further prophecy.

• Images – These are inner pictures that we see internally with the eyes of our heart, for example when we close our eyes.
• Physical Objects or activities – Jeremiah understood the dealing of Israel from his visit to the potter in Jeremiah 18:1-4
• Emotion/Physical sensation – God also speaks to us by letting us feel His emotions towards a person or by letting us feel the emotions of others. The same can occur with physical sensations. We might feel heaviness in our arm, a tingling in our feet, like a touch on our head, etc.

• Inner voice – Since the Holy Spirit lives within you, this is the place where He speaks from. This refers to words that you hear, not audibly but that resound in your mind. This are Thoughts or perception, surrendered, by reason of use, it has evidence of peace, confidence, joy, reasonableness, goodwill

When one is soaked the word of God, Soaked in prayer and grows in fellowship, the above ways are all available for discernment of God and people in the realm of the prophetic


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