Deborah Generation; this is a ministry that reaches out to all women


To equip the women through the word of God with the aim of realizing wholistic growth, it targets development of individuals spiritual,social, financial and emotional well being. We empower them to create a positive impact in their lives, homes and the society at large.


To make every woman a champion of faith, a spiritual leader, a home maker and a nation builder.

Men’s Ministry: it targets men both single and married.

Mission To equip men through the word of God and develop their capacities to lead in their homes, society and nation Vision Couples ministry: it ministers to those who are married Mission To empower couples to live a healthy and prosperous lives in their marriages. To take an active role in developing the Nation by building their families.


To create a prosperous nation by impacting every family positively with the word of God Single mothers Mission To empower single mothers spiritually, economically and emotionally with the intention of inspiring them for productive lives Vision Being an anchor of hope to single mothers

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