Demonstration of Faith

Reading – Joshua 14:6-15
Verse Summary:

~Those who live by FAITH value that which is given by God’s PROMISE, far above what is given by his providence only.
~ In this book, Caleb’s request is, “GIVE ME THIS MOUNTAIN,” or HEBRON, because it was formerly in God’s promise to him, and he would let Israel know how much he valued the promise.
~ It was now in the Anakims’ possession, and Caleb would let Israel know how little he feared the enemy, and that he would ENCOURAGE them to push on their conquests.
~ Caleb answered to his name, which signifies “all heart.” Hebron was settled on Caleb and his heirs, because he wholly followed the Lord God of Israel.


– If FAITH is the substance of things we hope for, and if it is in fact the evidence of things not seen, then faith must be DEMONSTRATED, more sore, in this day of increasing uncertainty and fear, FAITH in God is NEEDED more than ever before.

– In addition to its incalculable other benefits, FAITH in God brings PEACE, COMFORT, and OVERFLOWING joy to those who put their TRUST in God. But not any kind of “FAITH” can procure these benefits, only ABNORMAL FAITH can.
– When understood in its biblical authenticity, and then put into action, FAITH always leads to triumph in that it enables us to experience what God ordained for us to obtain, PERFORM, and become.

– Our main objective is that we WIN in our walk of life. In other terms, we all want to become successful in life. In this quest, we go though a rough and challenging time, but Jesus is reminding us that it’s is our FAITH that will give us VICTORY, because He went through the same and CONQUERED.

For us to stand up to Satan, we need to operate in the realm of FAITH. We should not just be listeners of faith but doers of FAITH.
The Lord has given us Power to heal. In fact, we are all healers, but some of us have not been practicing our own FAITH.

– Faith is ABNORMAL and ILLOGICAL. In our sane minds, we can’t understand or even demonstrate faith. We only know that when God has spoken, it shall happen. When we BELIEVE in God, we actually INVITE him into the scene. No wonder David said his confidence was in the Lord always, and all the battles he faced, he won them effortlessly.

– ABNORMAL FAITH can bring Super natural thing to Natural. Caleb was 85 years old but his engine was in the word of God. He had a lot of hopes in God. Hebron was settled on his and his heirs, because he WHOLLY followed the Lord God of Israel.

– Happy are we if we follow Him. Singular PIETY shall be crowned with singular FAVOR.

– May God give you an ABNORMAL FAITH in your NEXT STEP, in your MARRIAGE, in your FINANCES, in your WORK for Him, in your wars and ALL aspects in your life. You shall make it in Jesus name!


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