To run with the vision of the church
Unite KRM families’ through the individual ministries i.e men, women and the youth
Preach the gospel i.e through missions
Train men to serve in the different groups in church i.e ushers, counsellors
Mentor young men to be responsible men

What the men ministry seek to achieve in men
Empower the men economically to invest in the kingdom
Build capacity in men to be proactive in the ministry- missions and church outreach
Build spiritual stamina in men to take cities and nations
Empower young men so that when they become married they will be well equipped to confront life


Many souls won in the Christ through our outreach and missions
Revived outreach ministry in the churches we have visited
There is financial growth in men which has been noted progressively
Talents in men have been nurtured
It has birthed ministries e.g. some have become pastors
Have empowered our youth to be influential as they make transition to their marriage life

The future of the men ministry

God made man in his own image and likeness to take dominion. The future is guaranteed as the will of God indicates in the scriptures and because the purpose of God will not fail KRM men ministry has a bright future to touch lives of men.